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I Just Needed Something Fun!

June 9th, 2011 2 comments

Holy Moly!! If this doesn’t look like fun, then you’ve probably got a clean or germ disorder 🙂  Enjoy

Update: I’ve had a few inquiries about the dirty dash… Check it out!

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Cult of Personality

June 11th, 2010 No comments

Cult of Personality by Living ColorSo, I was watching Bill Whittle and his cronies doing their most recent Trifecta – Regurgitation Radio: Talking Points for the Obama Nation and it described a nauseatingly weird website called My Barack Obama dot Com.  After throwing up a little in my mouth, this song came to mind… Happy Saturday!

The Cult of Personality!

Happy Saturday! Muahahahah.

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The Skald’s Saturday Songs #1

June 11th, 2010 2 comments

I was out of commission for most of the time yesterday… So I’m sitting in bed with my laptop, my nifty new MacBook Pro! I took care of a little personal business, listened to some old and new music, and pretty much moaned the day away. I figured I’d take another shot at sharing a little music, and these songs still capture my interest. Enjoy some old stuff and at least one newish song 😉

Cheers All!

Update: Well, for crying out loud… IT’S FRIDAY!

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A Simple Love – Redux

May 18th, 2010 No comments

I realize I’ve posted a similar video, but… well, tough. In case you don’t travel over to YouTube to watch it, here’s the blurb I wrote after remaking the video:

This is to celebrate the birth of my grandson, and to provide something happy for his Mother (who is serving her second 15 month tour in Iraq) and his Father (who is holding down the fort at home and already did his tour), for his Aunt Karla (who did her tour of duty in Iraq) and his Aunt Lladro (who takes care of Grandma and Grandpa).

For you family members and friends interested in watching, enjoy, for my regular readers – a new post by Thursday 😀

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You Picked a Fine Time to Lead Us, Barack

April 10th, 2010 2 comments

I’ll be back soon with an explanation for my absence, but in the mean time, let’s keep it in the spirit of fun video commentary on our current administration… =)


Stony River’s Microfiction Monday #10

March 1st, 2010 19 comments

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Monday Monday, so good to me, / Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be… so far! Please, press play 😀 (I still like the Mama’s and the Pappas, so here are three songs for your pleasure) I’ve written my entry for Susan’s Microfiction Monday and am looking forward to my weekly visits of new online buddies that also participate in this fun weekly meme. With the advent of tweeting (though I don’t), it is not just a fun idea, it is a challenging and entertaining goal to accomplish each week. The rules are relatively simple – write a story of 140 characters or less that is triggered by an image provided by our hostess. I encourage my visitors with blogs of their own to join in – the fellowship alone is worth the price of admission. So, let’s get to business!

The Triggering Town (click Richard Hugo)

All the grass is green
and the sky is grey
I’ve been for a walk
on a summer’s day

California Cows happier??
*cough* Bulls@&t! DREAMING!

Try the second song 😛 Had to take that somewhere, so it seemed music might be nice.

Now I’ve some exciting news:  Jeff, over at My Nasty Romance, a sometime fellow traveler in this weekly meme, has a new book coming out soon. The moment I get a link to the Amazon purchasing point I’ll post it here – as well as at my book review of The Gospel of Lazlo. Please take a run through the review, forgive me for not being quite the polished reviewer, and know, it’s a damn fine book despite my reviewing inexperience!

The best of Mondays to all of you, and thanks again Susan for a marvelous Monday meme!

Cheers All!

Ever Wanted to Experience a Conversion?

February 20th, 2010 3 comments

I stumbled across this video on American Digest from Spy Films on Vimeo. Their title “Something Transformational” is wonderful, so I kept the theme but not the classic nature of the title. When the author said, “Watch and be amazed…” well, I was amazed. Sit through the video and be moved by the music and video artistry. You’ll need this uplifting bit of popular culture before I get down to some serious name calling….


Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo.

Tuesday’s Tunes #1

February 9th, 2010 4 comments
I stumbled across this nifty little widget at (Hat Tip to Amy Kane) and had a ball wandering through playlists and music. I figured I’d do the same (didn’t realize quite how time consuming this could be), and make a small blues list that ventures across genres… sounds oxymoronic, I know, but trust me – it works 😛

If you’re wondering why Classical Gas, a tune that resides solidly in the jazz apartment, it’s what drew me to guitar driven music in the first place. I lived in Morocco when I was younger, and my parents brought me to a Jazz Festival in Tangier that will remain burned into my consciousness for the rest of my life. I was privileged to see Dizzy Gillispie, Mason Williams (Classical Gas), B.B. King, and a host of others that played with local musicians. They played prepared works and thrilled us with some astonishing improvisational heaven! That’s why Classical Gas is on this blues listing… along with a little bluegrass…

If you have to ask why Crossroads appears twice, once by Clapton and once by Robert Johnson, well, shame on you 😉

Enjoy, I’ve a review to write 😀
Cheers All!

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