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Calamity in Amity – Hills That Is

My blogger buddy, Tom over at Responsibility – Freedom Demands It, also operates a small vineyard in addition to his blog, business, etc… apparently the smallest in Oregon! At Calamity Hill Vineyard and Farm, during two wine tasting events, you’ll find a warm and enjoyable experience on a beautiful little piece of real estate! More important, if you’re a pinot gris kind of guy or gal, you’ll find a very nice ’09 and ’10. It’s tasty – I bought six bottles of each 🙂 Follow the links either here or in the video and visit both Tom and Marion’s little vineyard, and the Eola-Amity Hills (AVA) website for a nice look at Tom’s vineyard – and click the “Home” link for the map and a look at a charming little region of Oregon’s wine country.

I asked Tom for permission to use some of the photos and videos my wife and I shot while visiting Calamity Hill during the open house tasting on the day after Thanksgiving. He said yes, and I indulged myself with my video editing hobby and threw together a small video – but it also has photos from different seasons and vistas of the Eola-Amity Hills AVA. More important in this context – I also modified a map I lifted from the Eola-Amity Hills (AVA) website – so click the map thumbnail for a full sized image, or simply visit their website!


Although the weather wasn’t optimal for a walk around the vineyard, we took shelter in a warm and cozy “tent” with fireplace and wine! Watch the video, see how beautiful both the hills and Calamity Hill are, then see about picking up a bottle of wine or three. We know the gris is fantastic with my smoked Coho and herbed pub-cheese!

My apologies for my fascination with the railroad tracks and the three trees… That was my route to and from work for quite some time, and my camera and I were drawn like magnets to the intersection during all seasons of the year! And the video? Right here:

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  1. Jeff
    December 10th, 2010 at 19:20 | #1

    Nice story and video, Steve. And Tom – I have to believe that place is an oasis. It looks beautiful. I’m truly jealous of your farm. Any chance of mail-order?

  2. December 13th, 2010 at 17:44 | #2

    Wow, Steven. Awsome work. Sorry the weather was nasty and that there was a crowd when you came. You made us look good! Sorry ’bout the brief comment but am on a trip and am still pretty slow on the iPad. Anyway, We loved the video. Bet Jeff thinks we fit a railroad on the five acres along with the grapes, olives, chicken, and everything else. and, yes, Jeff. we sell to anyone, any way we can -just send us an email from the calamity hill site and we will give you all the details.
    thanks again, Steven, pretty cool stuff.

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