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On Moral and Physical Cowardice

Suess Appeasement

Bill Whittle, in this installment of Afterburner, takes us to school on the consequences of appeasement and cowardice – a demonstration of head in the sand suicide. The cartoon’s link lead’s to Bill Whittle’s video – a worthy dozen minutes or so – and before you go, here’s a spot from The Weekly Standard that is definitely worth the entire read… but here is the closing paragraph that speaks to the same subject:

We need to recover our sense that, while any regime is capable of lapses in the protection of human rights, for democracies like the United States and Israel, these are lapses from their own standards, lapses which they work to redress. For tyrannies like Iran and Syria, as for jihadist revolutionaries, by contrast, human rights abuses are not lapses from a higher standard. On the contrary: The behavior we term “abuse” is their standard, one they strive to implement every day. We must also overcome our discomfiture at being labeled enemies of “the Muslim world” or the Iranian or Syrian “people.” Tyrants and dictators, and the jihadists who aspire to join them, do not represent their peoples, and they cannot represent high religious values. The West’s unambiguous moral opposition to such regimes and the terrorism they sponsor, whether deployed against their own populations or against innocents abroad, is at the service of liberating their peoples from fear and oppression.

Cheers you princes of our future!

  1. Jeff
    August 19th, 2010 at 18:38 | #1

    I thought this article related nicely to both this post and your one on racism. I believe Prager’s conclusions to be correct – we say nothing because we are afraid of being labeled as well.

    Here’s the piece: http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/243644/black-murders-eight-whites-br-media-blame-whites-dennis-prager?page=1

  2. August 23rd, 2010 at 07:49 | #2

    Been pretty busy so we took a break for two days and did some fishing (catching, too!!!). I finally got time to watch the Bill Whittle video. Thanks for posting it. It was very well done. In part it reminds me of the old ‘cooking a frog’ story.
    The article, too, was worth the read. It made me think back to the discussion of all we offer to the “poor” in America in spite of the fact that our definition of poor is elevated so high as to be unrecognizable as poor in any other place on earth.
    I had been working for a few days on a piece much like this but based on another video. Just posted it, with reference to this post and video.
    Thanks for bringing these two great resources to public view.


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