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The Skald’s Got a “New” Job

Klavan on the Culture

Well, I’m on a new post (a new job at the prison) which puts my days off on Thursday and Friday, and it means I’ll be adjusting my target day for posting new material. I haven’t quite decided between Friday and Monday, though Monday sounds good in terms of starting a new week for those of you that read me at work. Moreover, if the whimsy takes me, I can review the week in news! Of course, I’d like to start jumping into Susan’s Microfiction Monday now and again (cause I truly enjoy that diversion), but I can’t let that substitute for my regular posts – and me being the lazy fellow that I am…

So then, since I can’t quite decide, I’ll mess around with it for the next few weeks and see how it shakes out… In the mean time, check out Andrew Klavan at PJTV in “Klavan on the Culture.” His title this week let’s you know where he’s going with his satire… Obama’s Beach Blanket Recovery: It’s Happy, Snappy & Incredibly Crappy. So click the picture or the textual link and visit PJTV for a nice alternative to the slobbering love fest of the MSM with Obama – who knows, you might laugh. Or cry. Or get angry. Could be all three I suppose.


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  1. July 16th, 2010 at 21:46 | #1

    Glad you’re back at it. Even I don’t go 16 days between posts. Good luck with the new post and I’ll keep checking regardless the day you choose. And, thanks for commenting on my blog…..always appreciate your insights.

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