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Theatrical Thursday in New York

The most protean aspect of comedy is its potentiality for transcending itself, for responding to the conditions of tragedy by laughing in the darkness. ~Harry Levin

The perception of the comic is a tie of sympathy with other men, a pledge of sanity, and a protection from those perverse tendencies and gloomy insanities in which fine intellects sometimes lose themselves. A rogue alive to the ludicrous is still convertible. If that sense is lost, his fellow-men can do little for him. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I figured a laugh would be a nice thing to have this Thursday morning, and these guys have a ton of laughable videos on YouTube. I haven’t been around to see someone pull off a goofy stunt like this, but the chuckles, laughter, or at least bemusement seems like it would have made the experience worth the while.  So enjoy this Theatrical Thursday, and I’ll see you later.

Cheers all 😀

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