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Stony River’s Microfiction Monday #8 – Late

What with taxes and more doctor’s appointments than I care to keep, I’ve been remiss in my duties here. I especially like Microfiction Monday, a fun little writing exercise hosted by Susan at Stony River, that encourages a 140 (or less) character story triggered by a picture.  Be sure to drop by and check out the many thoughts on a single image. Join in and have some fun with the crowd that follows her around that weekly image ;-) Hope to see you there! Better late than never… arrrgh!

And of course, ala Richard Hugo, The Triggering Town:

She saw me timbers on the horizon
and I yearned for her beautiful self –
with the roiling clouds I vowed
to conquer her tempestuous estuary!

Alright, a bit on the corny side, but a fun stab at me fellow bilge rats a runnin’ for the fo’c’stle! (That’d be “forecastle” to ye landlubbin’ sprogs! …er the pointy end up front) 😛 Can’t help meself, bein’ a retired sailor and all… so speakin’ of the seafarin’ life – the scuttlebutt (rumors around the watercooler) is that I’ll be posting a book review in the very near future – featuring a great freshman novel by one of our fellow mates a travelin’ the sea lanes here… So! Be on the look out for a bit of well deserved high praise for an author who is all too typically not quite satisfied with his own work 😀

I’ve a few posts and sites to catch up on, so fair winds and following seas my fine shipmates!


  1. February 17th, 2010 at 03:34 | #1

    ROFL!! This was so worth the wait!
    I grew up on the water—well, I live on an island! — so all things nautical go straight to my heart (if not my tempestuous estuary LOL)

    Last week we were in town and bumped into a fellow with a US navy cap on. Of course I had to stop and chat, and when it turned out he’d served on the Enterprise, well I was in love (never mind that he was at least 30 years older than I). My poor husband had to stand there yawning the whole time LOL
    .-= Susan at Stony River´s last blog ..R.I.P., Dr. John =-.

  2. February 17th, 2010 at 03:55 | #2

    LOL. Great MM! I love your poetic words. This week’s photo seems to fit you very well. Arrgh… Have a wonderful week.
    .-= Rosidah Abidin´s last blog ..RIP, Dr. John =-.

  3. February 17th, 2010 at 03:57 | #3

    Very nice. I like the poetic touch. And I could have used the info about the pointy end of the boat before I wrote mine.

    Not Snow
    .-= Nessa´s last blog ..Sensational Haiku Wednesday – Renovation =-.

  4. February 17th, 2010 at 11:25 | #4

    LOL…this is just too funny. Well done my friend. Nothing like a relationship with the sea 🙂 Loved this 🙂
    .-= Thom´s last blog ..Scenic Sunday 83 =-.

  5. February 17th, 2010 at 13:33 | #5

    LOL, this was great, tempestuous estuary et all (including the naughty gull lesson) 😀

  6. February 17th, 2010 at 21:23 | #6

    Oh, lala! It’s romance on the high seas! This was fun. I’m sitting here grinning.
    .-= quilly´s last blog ..Desperately Seeking an Income =-.

  7. February 19th, 2010 at 10:03 | #7

    @Susan at Stony River Really happy you got a chuckle out of it! =) I served on submarines and EOD special teams working with dolphins and sea lions. Though, truly, I did get LOST on the USS Enterprise (picking up mail for our sub)while I was in Hong Kong! A floating city of over 5000 folks… YIKES!

    @Rosidah Abidin Thank you! I’ll be lookin’ for a wonderful week and wish you the same!

    @Nessa Glad you liked it 😀 Thanks for dropping by!

    @Thom Thank you my friend – and you are right, there is nothing quite like a relationship with the sea in all her many moods!

    @juliana We boys need some creative ways of referring to the wonders of life, 😀

    @quilly YES! Fun is essential =) Glad it turned the corners of your mouth up a bit! I had used that peculiar phrase in a poem and thought… hey it could work here – hehe. Thanks for dropping in Quilly, great to have you.

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