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Stony River’s Microfiction Monday #6

January 31st, 2010 17 comments

Susan at Stony River hosts a fun little writing exercise each Monday that encourages a 140 (or less) character story triggered by a picture.  Be sure to drop by and check out the many thoughts on a single image. Join in and have some fun with the crowd that follows her around that weekly image ;-) Hope to see you there!

And the triggering town this week?

Kitchen Creek collected New –
and Old Age crazies from all around.
Feeling like I fit, I knew I was bound
to fit my VW in that Mystery Hole.

That one kicked my hooha! I’m really looking forward to dropping by everyone’s place to see their take on this photo. I wound up going with the stoner spot in the mountains… a place some high school kids back in the day… Well, they weren’t exactly flower children… 😉

The new header picture is courtesy my brother’s excellent photography up in the hills near Quartzville – after the fog had cleared, and nearer the source of the creek. If you’re ever of a mind to see some truly stunning photography, my brother goes by the moniker ClickClan over at JPG Magazine. For those of you who liked the previous post’s photo, my brother took one of same area of Green Peter Reservoir that is astonishingly beautiful. The man’s an artist – drop by some time! 😉 I promise you’ll enjoy his imagery!

Here are a few of mine (my brother talked me into photography, and I’ve been following him ever since) from the same trip up into the hills. The people on the trip… yes, Einstein is a people 😀  Please click on the photos for a full size view.

Cheers all!



Silly Puppy!

Dad, put the camera down...

Eric mulling over the optimal settings.

Yes, I am that cute.

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