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Vacation’s Almost Over

The trip is coming to a close, I’ve tons of pictures, a few I’ve taken to the “darkroom” known as Adobe Lightroom (a fantastic bit of software for digital photographers), and it’s time to start catching up on blog posts, email, etc. The grandpa gig is a great one to have, and now that I’ll soon be headed back home I get to put together a few of those little videos that people get so annoyed with… 😀

So, for a filler tidbit before I’m back to business – here’s an annoying video (unless you happen to be family I guess) that I put together to celebrate Chase’s arrival. Fun to put together, fun to share with captive audiences… well, you’ll get the picture… The song,  A Simple Love, is by Melissa Ethridge, and the photos were by yours truly – from the toast when I arrived to the snap of “Little Tony” catching a nap.

Oh! And “Little Tony” just puked all over dad – gotta say, this is sooo much fun to watch happen to someone else!!!

In the mean time,

Cheers All!!

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